If I’d listened enough to you

if I give you time

to change my mind

I’d find a way to leave the past behind

knowing that all isn’t true

I’d listen long enough to know

never thinking of myself

that it’s all true

but then I’d look for a reason to believe

what sort of insidious control do you assume?


enter this place

find your space

please, take your seat

defeated (who) man

no game

broken brain

never to be the same




sufficiently different to make a difference

last night of days to end all days

so what’s new

openness closed

no blink of an eye

a heart that froze

zigzag fire blasts

embers all the same

raised flames

take the heat

do not speak

tongue tied

tongue tight

all about right

scorched hearth scorching

do tell

or go to hell

stand tall

stand straight


suck it fucking up

don’t stand at all

last thing first

first thing last




nothing new

for me

for you

break away

away too far

what, what too

exhaustedness innumerable numbness thwarted

designated journey ahead

enclosedness beckons

non-arrival arrivals anhilism this way

a no go, go journey

leave your place

make a space

you’ve vacated your seat

no go, go

(Answers on a postcard please. Please send to No-Go, Go. PO Box 1075,DN5 4HP All entrants must be over 18 years of age. Terms and conditions apply. Offer ends when you decide.)

In places of last retreat rumination holds Court,

always to be found

discarded disregarded,

no loss

no found

as easy to hang on to as not,

matters not,

inconsequential so it seems,

with no purpose yet always anew,

much ado about nothing,

ruminate roaming just for you,

an anchor or bouy you shall be,

keep you up just enough to breathe,

water board boarding

after all else has gone,

discarded disregarded,

it matters and matters not,

never ever really to be or not to be,

water choked thoughts always afloat,

never spoken out loud,

where lost is also found,

discarded disregarded,

silent numbness pouring wet,

rotten dry squatting in the chest,

not here to hear or there to be theirs,

a clutched at hand forgotten,

not wanted and memory not had,

rumination would rather be anything else,

than a place of last retreat.

through brash and hawthorn

on hands and knees

crawling through hurt

cuts deep so deep

yet this blood entwined flows free

cellular divinity enshrined in me

heart aches

breaks to find thee

said angels and ghouls

don’t go there

stay here with us

this dispair we’ll share

get to fuck

this pain I’ll bear not share

hold it in love and never dispair

I’ll follow and follow until I find

the love that hides

soul light as guide calming inside

death thought

I have the cut of your cloth

menace I match thee

with axe

one blow

now let go

you have what I am

now set me free

I’ll find you

in here and hear you

I hold you with care

I will carry you in love

love to spare

love did spread like star dust from above


a shower did fall this way

a story of love untold

of quantum bonds


earnest promises to be met

a pledge of love from oneself in the other

nothing else above

everything else to be

in a love so plain

so plain to see

fly high

hit the floor

smashed right through the fucking door

this pledge of love is like no other

love you in me

so simple

simple as can be

nothing above

nothing below

in defiance of reality

no judge shall sit within your Court

just love

divinity of all life

take me to that place

deep within

where I can know nothing


be reborn


Annadatthu haro mitto

one who makes friends only to cheat them

Yo ca mitto vaci-paramo

one who is only good in word

Anupiyanca yo ahu

one who flatters and cajoles

Apayesu ca yo sakha

and a companion in ruinous fun

Ete admitted cattaro Iti vinnaya pandito

These four, the wise know as non friends

Araka parivajjeyya

avoid them from a far

Maggam patibhayam yatha

like a dangerous road

Upakaro ca yo mitto

a friend who is helpful

Sukha-dukkho ca yo sakha

one who shares in your sorrows and joys

Attakkayi ca yo mitto

one who points you to worthwhile things

Yo ca mittanampako

one sympathetic to friends

Eyepi mitte cattaro Iti vinnaya pandito

these four, the wise know as true friends

Sakkaccam payirupsaeyya

attend to them earnstly

Mata puttam va orasan

as a mother her child