*Alec slept like a baby. Maggie held him like she had never held him before. Close, so close. Resting his head on her lap she gently rocked back and forth calling on All the ascended masters to create a circle of light around the two of them. Alec needed protection from the seen and unseen, especially the aspects of himself that had been buried inside, deep inside.*

*Alec had had an unconventional childhood, the name calling from so called friends were the least of his worries it was how he’d used the abuse to hone aspects of himself that presented the greatest fears. Alec had always kept a lid on his temper, befriending those who did him harm was his way of sizing them up; his way of giving the benefit of the doubt until he wasn’t in doubt. He didn’t care if he was called Dummy or Monster or Funny Face. He always knew that his day would come and in the meanwhile Melissa would sort out the rest.*

*Maggie knew that she had to wrap him in love but didn’t know if it would be enough. She’d seen the hardening set in, from the beatings he’d taken from his Dad to the almost perpetual unprovoked thumps and kicks he somehow attracted. Maggie knew none of this registered with him, she knew that Alec saw it as part of his training. Maggie, was scared. Scared because she too knew that Alec was being prepared. Scared because his spiritual maturity was incomplete. Scared because his intellectual insight masked this immaturity. It was this combination that made him potentially very dangerous. Aspects of Alec had carried forward a past not of this time and thoroughly cast in violence. It was as if all the punishment he’d suffered was a way of getting at him before he chose to get at you. Maggie knew that Melissa’s innocent love of him kept the lid on the other stuff. Maggie also knew that her having been attacked would take the lid off. Right Off. *

*Maggie wept. Tears pouring from her eyes uncontrollably. She took a deep intake of breath, shutting her eyes tight as if to stem the tide of tears. She felt ashamed. She felt defeated. She felt as though she’d finally been found out. She’d known Alec was gifted but had never said why. Maggie couldn’t stop the invasion of thoughts, the thousands of ‘what if’s’. What if she’d removed him and followed through the fostering? What if, she’d never stopped him from boxing? What If. What If? Maggie, too, soon fell asleep. *