*Maggie rapped at the letter box flap as if it were a stream of tape fast but caught in a torrent of wind. Occasionally bending and shouting through the hole to get Alec’s attention *

Maggie : Alec it’s me let me in I’ve been here for ages knocking

*Maggie knew Alec was stood by the kitchen door only a few feet away. She also knew that he’d numbed out and frozen. He was stood still and she had to bring him round.*

Maggie : Alec. Look at the door handle. Reach for it and open the door. I’ll stay here and wait for you.

Alec: Maggie is that you? Is Melissa with you? Maggie where is Melissa? I want to see Melissa.

Maggie : Alec. Step closer to the door door. Look at the door handle and open it by pressing down. Press all the way.

*Alec stood perfectly still. Maggie could just see his face from the opened letter box. She knew that Alec had gone and she’d have to activate his alter *

Maggie : Finn, Alec isn’t in,, would you open the door for me please? I won’t stay long may be we could have a cup of coffee or something

Finn: Ah, fuck off Maggie you only ever come here when there’s bother, Just Fuck Right Off

Maggie : Finnbarr O’Fearchair OPEN THE DOOR NOW! DO IT NOW!

Alec :Maggie is that you?

Maggie : Yes, yes Alec it’s Maggie please open the door.

*Alec stepped forward and pushed the door handle down once to remove the dead lock and then again to open the latch.

*Maggie on hearing the second clunk of the lock pushed her way in knocking Alec backwards and onto the wall *

Maggie : Alec I’m so so sorry for barging on…. I

Alec: don’t be sorry Maggie, it’s me that’s at fault, our kid took over for a bit, that’s all, I’m really really sorry

Maggie : oh, honey you must be really scared, come on let’s forget that happened and have a cuppa

*Alec was zoned out. Maggie took him by the hand and led him to the kitchen table where she sat him down *

Alec : We had Marrow and Chickpea salad and I remembered to leave out the tomato and go easy with the limes

Maggie : Alec that’s lovely of you and I’m sure you made a great meal

Finn : What the fuck would you know about a great meal, you haven’t seen Melissa in ages. Stop pretending you give a God Damn Fuck.

*Alec had gotten ready to go out. But not as Alec but Finn. He’d shaved his head and dug out his boots. Maggie knew she was fighting a losing battle *

Maggie : Finnbarr I want to speak with Alec. Leave us alone. NOW! Alec, are you back with me honey?

Finn: Ha, ha, ha… you stupid Twat… sweet talk will get you know where, honey.

Maggie : Alec I can’t talk to you with Finn here. If you want to know more about what’s happened to Melissa you’d better get back here NOW!

*Maggie had trained in many different countries as a healer and was a recognised channeling medium. She knew about how to work with and meet multi-dimensional beings. She had long wanted to take Alec to Mount Shatna in Hawaii to meet her Shamanic teachers. Maggie knew Alec, despite his awkwardness, was a gifted soul. Finn, was an inner wounded angel. A natural fighter, and boy could he fight or rather take a lot of pain and get right back at you. He was the aspect of Alec who’d, when they were teenagers, would get paid to fight much older lads and young men. Winning wasn’t the point being prepared to do it was. Maggie had scrapped Alec up from so many beatings the very thought of it, even today as we speak, made her stomach turn. She had thought that these doors were shut now, that somehow Alec had let go. She was wrong*

*Maggie left Alec sitting at the kitchen table and digging deep inside her inside coat pocket pulled out her mala beads. Then sitting crossed legged in the middle of living room floor began chanting *

Maggie : Om Tara Tuttare Ture Svaha , Om Tara Tuttare Ture Svaha , Om Tara Tuttare Ture Svaha

*Maggie repeated the chant, a chant to the Ascended Master, the mother of all Buddha, Green Tara, she who is the supreme keeper of the femmine divinity of compassion, 108 times. *

Finn: Mumbo, Mumbo Jumbo, Jumbo, Mumbo Jumbo….. Jumbo the elephant bag his bags and said goodbye to the Circus….. that’s what you should do Maggie, say Good – Fucking – Bye

*Maggie ignored Finn. She knew he’d collapse eventually, it’s called polycythaemia and arises due to an increase in carbon dioxide in the blood when hypervigilent and in panic; sure enough by the time she’d completed the 15min mala, Alec, exhausted was sat slumped on the sofa. Maggie had to get Alec to protect himself, without Melissa he’d eventually lose out to Finn. While Alec slept Maggie called in her circle of light *