*It was too early for the phone to be ringing. Alec stirred from being asleep and still dreaming to look at his phone. Maggie. Missed Calls. Twice. He grudgingly got up and having gone to the loo went down stairs to put the kettle on. Black coffee or Lemon and Ginger Tea would be the limits of the choices he’d make for at least an hour or so. Still, Maggie phoned and phoned again. Alec grabbed his phone and pressed Call Back.*

Alec : Hey, Maggie are you ringing to blob out, you could’ve texted.

*Maggie was quiet. Still and silent. Alec didn’t know if she was actually on the phones but if she was something wasn’t right *

Alec : Maggie, are you there, what’s happening, are you OK, are the dogs OK, you had an accident?

Maggie : No, Alec. I’m fine it’s….. it’s about Melissa….. she’s

*Alec interrupts *

Alec : Maggie, Mel is great I saw her yesterday and she is

*Maggie shuts Alec up, stopping him in mid sentence *

Maggie : Alec. Listen. Melissa has been hurt. She’s in hospital. The doctors say she’ll get better. She was badly hurt.

Alec : What’s happened? She was only here 12 hours ago. Has she fallen or been knocked down?

Maggie : Alec just listen. Get yourself washed and dressed and I’ll pick you up in an hour. I need to see you face to face. I’ll tell you what I know when I get there.

Alec : Jesus Maggie!!!! What’s happened? Where’s Mel? Is she OK? Maggie just tell me!

Maggie : Just get yourself ready. I’ll be there in an hour. Melissa is on hospital I’ll tell you more when I get there.

Alec : Which Fucking Hospital Maggie!

Maggie : Alec!!! Stop! Listen to what I am telling you. I will see you in an hour. Be ready.

*Maggie knew Alec and he knew she did. He’d sworn and meant it. Maggie knew that this wasn’t a good thing, his triggers brought out another side of him that was dark, broody and intimidating – the naturally mischievous glint in his eyes became murderous. He felt threatened with out Melissa to watch out for him and he was fiercely loyal and protective of her*

Maggie : Alec. Everything will be okay, but right now Melissa needs you to be her friend. I’ll tell you everything I know when I get there. Stay calm. Ground yourself before you do or think about doing anything.

*Maggie knew she’d have all on to stop Alec tipping over. She’d seen how Melissa had kept Alec going, through thick and thin. What Alec didn’t know, was just how much Melissa had needed him too. Maggie had to get Alec to see this too. They’d been deeply bonded since childhood and Melissa was always the boss. Maggie knew that this was only half the story. Alec had needed her friendship to keep him in check, she was his balance to an aspect of him not many people were familiar with. An aspect that wasn’t that pleasant, if he’d decided you were on the wrong side of him *